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First real day of science, full of field work, and on our own. After lunch went to the village to help out with a community service job; half of us weeded the garden with the village people while the rest shoveled a pile of dirt and wheeled it to a new location away from the construction zone where a -soon to be errected- gift shop will go. After, the boys and girls engaged in a heated soccer game, with costa rican boys helping both teams. The match concluded in a draw, even though the girls think it ended in a win for them (If you ask me, they cheated). Following the grudge match, we all took a short walk to a nice little secluded home, where a well known local carribean cook fixed us up an extravagent dinner. Plates upon plates of salad and rice and beans and delicious carribean chicken filled our stomachs up to the brim, and the crispy honey glazed tortillas for dessert had many of us falling into a food induced coma. After dinner some of us ate the locally grown chili peppers, with a few people consuming as much as 3 whole peppers. Needless to say, faces were glowing red and beads of sweat ran down our faces. A calm walk back to our cabins let the food settle, and now many campers have fallen asleep early as a result of the exhausting day. Now as the day comes to a close, so too does this blog post. Goodnight, and happy fathers day!

Daniel Zaiss and Jamison Spohn