Pablo, the owner of Finca, took us ziplining!  We hiked up into the canopy then took 11 zip lines down. For the last 4, we did it upside down, so we were only hanging by our hips. We got Jamison to scream like Tarzan and his cattle. 

Earlier today our science groups presented our experiment setups to each other, Adrian, and pablo. We got a LOT of feedback and it helped us make our experiments better. Some groups did their experiments on trying to find a physical barrier or a type of spray repellent to move or repel the ants. Also one groupwent at it in a different way by attacking the fungus garden and killing the ants that way.


Kaeli: Hola Daddy! Hola Momma! Jack, I love you darling! I miss you babycakes. Miss you SO MUCH.

Dejah: que pasa mi familia I miss you guys so much. Mostly my siblings and my nephew kehi. I miss you mommy, and I miss my babe isaac too.. 

Courtney: ayyye everyone.  I’m not sure who’s reading this but you’re nice because you’re reading this. Huge thank you to my parents; this experience is amazing! 

By the way,  we didn’t feel the earthquake that happened earlier today.

I like my coffee black! No milk, no sugar, no CUTTLEFISH!

-Cabin 7


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