Rainforest adventures day 4

Today we had a hearty breakfast with our cabin mates before heading to our science session. There we cultured fungus, began designing our ant experiments and each got a queen ant of our choice. Next we went on a 3 hour excursion through the forest, where we hiked through the hills and swam in a waterhole. Once we returned, the majority of our group ventured to the village for locally made ice cream and a soccer game with the villagers. Although it downpoured throughout the duration of the game, it still was a great bonding experience. Before our dinner, we took a night hike through the sheets of rain and we were able to see snakes, ants and a giant termite nest. We also played a rousing game of Mafia with our entire group, and continued to get to know each other. Afterwards we had a lovely steak dinner complete with tres leches. Stay tuned for more of our excursion to Central America!
-Jada Dawson, Emma Reeve, Ashley Ritten

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