Awesome Costa Rica Trip Day II

Awoken by the soft pitter-patter of rain on the rooftop, we quickly realized that we were running late for desyuno and sprinted down to the mess hall, just another day at the office, or in this case, Costa Rica. After enjoying a delicious breakfast from our hosts, we trekked out into the Costa Rican jungle on a tour of the ranch. After viewing the magnificent property and having a close encounter with our specimens, the Atta Cepholates, we returned to the mess hall for another delicious meal. During free time, we took a relaxing dip in the jungle river. Not long after, the group took a walk down to the village where we met some of the amiable Costa Rican locals and visited the shopping mall, which is a 5×5 shack with everything you could imagine inside (seriously). Indulging in another delectable meal, we watched a video on real life zombies (ants get attacked by a cerebral targeting fungus). Finally, our day culminated in making new friends with giant, football sized Cane Toads. Having a great time in Costa Rica, see you all soon! Keep it real Westonka!

Nick Battis and Matt Dufault #TheStuds

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